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NKP-1 pipe inner wall spray device

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In spray coating pipeline hole scope (mm): Ф50-300

Fuselage length (mm): Ф50×280(Long)

Fuselage weight (kg): 0.9

Coating controlling switch spray gun weight(weight): : 0.45

NKP-1-type pipe inner wall spray device is for bore and medium-sized pipe inner wall coating, high-pressure paints which transfers from the airless spray coating machine and goes through a special nozzle is formed a trumpet (Cone -shaped, hollow), evenly spray the inner surface of the pipe which lead to successful pipe coating.
NKP-1 type is mainly applied in Ф50 - Ф300mm pipes, paint viscosity shall not exceed 80 seconds (No. 4 Ford cup). If the pait viscosity is higher than 80 seconds, solvent should be added for dilution.
NKP-1 type basically is unaffected by pipe length, but preferably pipe length is not longer than 15 meters.

Contour structure

1. Spray nozzle 2. Hoop 3. Support 4. Honeycomb duct 5. Adjusting handle
6. Heavy-duty hose 7.SPQ2 Hand spray gun

Installs the block diagram

Installs the schematic drawing


NKP-3 pipe inner wall spr...

In spray coating pipeline hole scope (mm): Ф300-1200


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