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Two-component high-pressure airless sprayer

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Output pressure(MPa):21

Inlet pressure(MPa): 0.3-0.6

Stroke(mm): 100

Weight(kg): 90

Mixing ratio:  1:2     1:3     1:4 

Internal mix type:

1:2、1:3、1:4 fixed mix ratio


External mix type:


Suitable for every kinds of low or high viscosity liquid material.
Have a small splash of paint, paint saving and Eco-friendly
External mixing reduces equipment failure rate resulting from material solidify
Provides accurately mixed and proportioned material to reduce waste

GP3845(1:2)       GP4634(1:3)       GP3834(1:4)

Can spray two component fast cure type liquid material
Mix ration between Group A and Group B can make mechanical adjustment
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Application:Suitable for many kinds of low medium to high viscosity paint, colorant, varnish, lacker, lacquers, latex, stains, enamels, oil-ba...

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