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Understand how to use the sprayer sprayer knowledge

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Good airless sprayer can bring a lot of convenience for our work, choose this equipment, for his knowledge must be very understanding, so as to better use of this device, let us take a look sprayer knowledge!

(1) the gun away from

Spray nozzles gun is coated surface distance is called distance, preferably 300 to 400mm gun away. Gun distance is too small, the spray pressure is too large, the recoil force is also prone to unevenness in the coating, and spray width small, so that to be coated Partly excessive spray material, the coating is too thick. Gun distance is too large, the spray pressure loss is large, the coating is easy to dissipate, and the spray rate is too large, so that the object to be coated the partial spray material is too small, the coating film of less than the thickness requirements.

2 spray fan angle

Spray fan with painted surface to be perpendicular to each other, hand-operated gun, we should pay attention to each of the spray width is not too large, otherwise the operation will lead to significant change in spray fan angle, resulting in uneven coating.

Direction and speed of the gun running

The gun running direction should always be coated surface parallel to and perpendicular to the spray fan, to ensure the uniformity of the coating. The speed of the gun steady, preferably 300 to 400 mm / s. Running speed instability, uneven coating thickness, running too fast too thin, too slow coating is too thick.

All in all, the sprayer completion of the coating application or provisional paragraph, pay attention to do the finishing work. The experts said that the paint spray in to the net, and then the solvent instead of paint spray to clean the machine conveying line and paint spray gun, when the ejected material to clarify can. Use the remaining paint to be kept under seal, and aids to clean and organize storage.

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