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The sprayer equipment paint spray gun, how to choose

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High-pressure airless sprayer is present, many businesses are using automated machinery and equipment, it is efficient, totally enclosed non-polluting spraying, not only saves the cost of spraying solution spray difficult to recruit workers, the choice of gun also decided to spray paint the more important part.

Automatic spraying paint gun is necessary to configure the gun of choice is also critical, and can be selected depending on the spraying object. In general, if the spray primer they use a large-caliber gun, spraying intermediate coating sometimes medium-caliber gun, and topcoat small-caliber gun.

Encounter specialist paint repair construction, preferred special patch with a spray gun. Ancillary equipment configuration for the gun. Paint coating application, if the gun is unable to complete the work, but also according to the requirements of the paint coating application and construction conditions, select the appropriate air compressor, air filters and air guide hose, this time with reference to different gun specific instructions for specific configuration.

Detailed description of the automatic spraying machine gun, different spray gun to choose different types of savings from cost a lot of money, but also can improve the paint effect.

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